Learning Pathways – Overview and Tools

The Learning Pathways Initiative is a method to develop program providers’ programming with intentionality and rigor in relation to desirable and transferable skills for a learner’s future endeavors.

Sessions for spring have concluded. To be added to next cohort invitation list, please email [email protected] and include “PATHWAYS” in the subject line.

Learning Pathways is a collaboration between Youth & Community, Program Providers, Higher Education and Entrepreneurship Development.

Program providers participating in Learning Pathways will:
  • Create rigorous programming with transferable skills
  • Create badges to show skills learned
  • Award badges to learners
Learning Pathways Organizations receive:
  • Learning Pathways Training which provides guidance through the evolution of programming and connection to the Creator Archetype and concludes with a digital badge which organizations can use to recognize students’ skill achievement.
  • Access to free professional learning opportunities
  • Overall aggregated data and resulting impact of out of school learning on students in D/FW.
  • Networking opportunities with fellow program providers, area venues and other affiliated vendors.
  • Exposure to shared vocabulary and pedagogy allowing communication regarding the impact that out of school learning has on students and the transferable skills that are being taught.
For an organization to participate in the Learning Pathways Badge program they must:
  • Have been providing out of school learning opportunities for at least 2 years.
  • Have a profile on Dallas City of Learning (DCoL) platform
  • Include current out-of-school programming on DCoL platform
  • Provides programming for learners 13 years and older
  • Share enrollment-attendance data with Big Thought and Dallas City of Learning.
Have more questions about Learning Pathways? Please email [email protected] and include “PATHWAYS” in the subject line.

Learning Pathway Cohort Sessions for this Spring have concluded

Email [email protected] and include “PATHWAYS” in the subject line to learn more and get on the next training wait-list.

Tools for Learning Pathways Cohorts

What Is the Creator Archetype?

The CREATOR ARCHETYPE outlines the skills, competencies and experiences that equip and empower youth to create their best lives and world.

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