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 2022 NRI grant recipients: Your programs should be in; Remember to schedule your observations and surveys before your programs begin.

Dallas City of Learning (DCoL) is a public-private citywide partnership between the City of Dallas and Dallas ISD, managed by Big Thought, to ensure all students have access to summer learning opportunities that stem summer learning loss.

DCoL is creating a powerful network of resources to meet this need. As part of this network your participation is vital. Please find resources below to help support your efforts as an NRI grant recipient.

NRI Resources

The following tools are available for NRI grant recipients:

Data Consent Information 

The following language is suggested copy for participating organizations who wish to include in their existing program registration forms and/or registration packets to notify parents/caregivers about data permissions usage:

If your organization requires explicit consent from guardians regarding data, we have also provided a formatted version that includes parental signature:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my organization’s responsibility in this project?

NRI grant recipients and any other participating organizations must contact Big Thought’s Manager of Research & Evaluation before June 10, 2022 to start the scheduling process of programming observation and summer surveys. All surveys and evaluation materials need to be turned in by August 15, 2022. Anything after that date will not be accepted.  

What will happen with the information collected?

The Center on Research and Evaluation (CORE) at SMU is responsible for collecting un-biased observation data with no interest in the identities of specific instructors or program facilitators. Big Thought reviews the aggregated evaluation data to understand the overall levels of program access, student dosage, and program quality and then provides participating organizations their raw site-level survey data collected during the summer. Big Thought will also provide participating organizations with one (1) complimentary license to access the Expanded Learning Information System (ELIS); a dynamic dashboard with program and site-level reports from data collected during summer. 

Why do participating organizations collect and submit programming data?

The Center on Research and Evaluation (CORE) at SMU has partnered with Big Thought to evaluate the DCOL system. As part of the NRI grant guidelines NRI recipients must collect student attendance, administer surveys, and conduct programming observations.  

Where should I send my invoices?

Please send your invoices to: [email protected]
Note: The second installment of your total grant amount will be processed when all grant requirements as outlined in agreement are completed and confirmed.

Why do I need to submit a W-9 again this year?

For you to receive your grant stipend, we must have a current w-9 on file for you. Delay or failure to submit a current W-9 will delay your payment or may cause your grant to be rescinded.

Why do I need to have a Certificate of Insurance with general liability minimum of $1,000,000?

Having liability insurance coverage at this level is a best practice to protect yourself and your organization.

Upon completion of your summer programming submit your completed rostering-attendance sheets.

For all project evaluation questions:  Robert Hu at Big Thought Institute

[email protected] or 214-520-0023.

For all DCoL platform question: Victoria Liguez at Big Thought

[email protected] or 214-520-0023.