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I Love to Read: Hum -- Written Words

Big Thought

The poems in Hum are incredible and full of vivid language!  In this activity, you'll create your own incredible poem by brainstorming descriptive words about yourself.  

Written Words

Recommended supplies:  writing paper, pencils

  • Write your first name on a sheet of paper vertically.  Skip a space after each letter.   Each letter should have its own line.

          (Example)    T



  • Next to each letter, write a descriptive word that describes you.  Your descriptive word must start with the letter it is beside.   Aim for 3-5 descriptive words per letter.  If you're stuck, ask friends or family for help!

          (Example)   T - tall, timid, tranquil, thin

                             O - old, obedient, original, odd

                             M - mighty, moody, manly, modern

  • Using those descriptive words you just wrote down, create a poem!  Imagination is the key.  It does not have to rhyme.

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Age: 12—18
Cost: FREE
Type: Online

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Date(s): 06/18/2018 - 06/18/2020

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