Find Summer Activities for Your Children

Dallas City of Learning provides youth of all ages access to affordable or no-cost, summer learning programs.

Chances are that whatever your child(ren) might be interested in, there is somewhere in Dallas where they can go to do it. Our job is to make the great opportunities that Dallas has to offer easy for you to sort through and find.

Help Your Kid(s) Discover a Path from Interests to College and Career

Dallas City of Learning helps young people see how the things that they are interested in are connected to other activities, fields of study (like science, technology, and the arts), career paths, and college degrees. We are making the city a "campus" – a place where young people can “major” in the things that they love to do and want to go deeper in.

Support Your Kids in Gaining Skills and Knowledge that "Count"

Dallas City of Learning uses digital badges to represent the skills and knowledge that young people have gained through their learning experiences. This innovative approach to recognizing achievements will enable Dallas youth to unlock opportunities – new programs, special events, internships, even jobs – and eventually will “count” towards school requirements and college admissions.

Get Your Child Involved in Dallas City of Learning